KD15 Asian Languages Cultures 8265 korean major

New Korean (574) Major


The major in Korean requires 12 courses (of 3 credits or more) distributed as follows:


  1. Six courses in Korean language above the 100-level.
  2. Four courses in Korean literature, history, and/or culture (under subject code 574).
  3. One course chosen from East Asian Civilizations: Traditional Era (098:241) OR East Asian Civilizations: Modern Era (098:242) OR Global East Asia (098:250).
  4. Capstone Seminar on East Asian Studies (098:444).



Korean (574) Minor


Minors will be introduced to the cultural heritage of Korea through courses on literature, history, civilization, language and linguistics. Minors will be able to communicate effectively (listening, speaking, and writing) in Korean and will learn critical skills in analyzing and interpreting historical and cultural materials appropriate to the student’s area of specialization. Students will achieve advanced linguistic competency and be able to demonstrate practical skills in using Korean for translation and interpretation. Students will be able to relate relevant issues to other areas in the humanities.


The minor in Korean consists of four courses in the Korean language above the 100-level plus two additional elective courses (of 3 credits or more) in the area of concentration (subject code 574). The elective courses may be language courses or culture courses.