Academic Korean for Heritage Speakers certificate program

The Certificate of Academic Korean for Heritage Speakers (AKHS) provides students who are heritage speakers of Korean across diverse schools at Rutgers University the opportunity to further their academic competence in Korean. As a separate program designed for non-majors/ minors in Korean, it will train students in developing academic and professional oral registers and literacy in Korean, skills that can be applied to future employment in connection with other majors or professional fields such as Business, Health, Journalism, Law, Social Work, or the Language Industries. 

The Certificate of Academic Korean for Heritage Speakers (AKHS)  requires: 

1. The Heritage-Korean placement test

2. Completion of 12 credits distributed as follows: 

  • Electives: 3 courses [see the brochure below] 
  • Capstone course: 01:574:365 Topics in the Korean Language & Linguistics (3) 

3. A 3.0 or better grade-point average for the entire sequence is required.  

Click here to download Brochure

 AKHS broch 2022 forPrint Page 1

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