Korean program offers a 12-credit Korean-English Translation/Interpreting Certificate. We help our bilingual students develop a linguistic foundation for a career in translating in business, medicine, social services and the criminal justice system with a rigorous program that deals with practical translation and translating Korean literature, film, and other media content. The program culminates with courses on Interpreting and Interpreting Internship opportunities.


The certificate in Korean English Translation Interpreting requires 12 credits distributed as follows:

  1. Required: K320 Introduction to Practical Translation (3) [offered every Fall]
  2. Electives: 2 courses [see the brochure below]
  3. Capstone courses: K480: Korean Interpreting (3) & K481 Korean Translation/Interpreting Internship (1.5) [offered every two years, starting Spring 2021]

  Are you a non-matriculating student interested in KETI program at Rutgers? If so, please visit this link for more information about the application process and associated costs. 

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