• Hyobin Kwon
  • Hyobin Kwon
  • Specialty: Korean
  • Phone: 646-436-0607
  • Office: Academic Building West 5124
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Hyobin Kwon is a New York-based artist specializing in Asian calligraphy and brush paintings. Born and raised in South Korea, Kwon received her BFA in calligraphy major from Kei Myung University in Korea. She then moved to China to pursue her MFA and PhD at China Academy of Art. She was the first foreigner to obtain a Doctorate in Asian bird and flower brush painting in the art history of China. As a Korean artist, she aims to introduce Korean script Hangeul, Hangeul calligraphy, and Korean painting to the United States and across the world. Her works have been exhibited internationally in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Venice, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Seoul. 


  •       PhD., MFA. Chinese painting, The China Academy of Art, China (First foreign person to obtain a doctorate in Chinese bird-and-flower painting Art History in China)
  •       BFA , Calligraphy Major, Kei Myung University, Korea

Areas of Specialization

  • Korean Calligraphy
  • Korean ink painting
  • Asian calligraphy and ink brush painting
  • Asian culture and art history

Courses Taught

  • The history of the Korean Script and Calligraphy I (01:574:110)
  • The history of the Korean Script and Calligraphy II (01:574:111)