• Lihui Zhu
  • Lihui Zhu
  • Specialty: Chinese
  • Office: Scott Hall 335
  • Notes: Office Hours: SC 335 (T & W 1:30 - 2:30pm, or by appointment)


Lihui Zhu has been teaching Chinese at Rutgers since 2001 and has also directed the Rutgers study abroad program in Beijing. She received her Master of Arts for teachers in Chinese from Rutgers University, and has also studied in the Teacher Certification Program of the Rutgers World Languages Institute. Her greatest joy as a teacher is to watch her students' Chinese skills blossom as they move through classes from beginners through intermediate and beyond.

Courses Taught in ALC:

  • Elementary Chinese 1 (01:165:101)
  • Elementary Chinese 2 (01:165:102)
  • Chinese for Heritage Speakers 1 (01:165:121)