Master of Arts for Teachers (M.A.T.) in Chinese

The Master of Arts for Teachers (M.A.T.) in Chinese is primarily designed for practicing Chinese language teachers at American secondary schools who wish to further develop their professional knowledge and skills. The program is also intended to serve the needs of those interested in pursuing a career related to Chinese language and culture teaching, especially at K-12 schools. It partially fulfills the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) requirements to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) to teach Chinese at K-12 schools in NJ. The M.A.T. in Chinese in itself does not lead to certification or a degree in education (see box below for more information). The program may also be of interest to Rutgers University undergraduates majoring in Chinese or related fields contemplating a career as Chinese language teachers in K-12 schools in NJ and elsewhere. The M.A.T. in Chinese is a terminal degree and does not lead to Ph.D. studies.

“Prospective students should be advised that [M.A.T.] programs do not lead to certification in teaching nor are they degrees in education, which are offered by the Graduate School of Education.” (Graduate School-New Brunswick Catalog 2008-2010) 

Those interested in a degree program in education should apply for the Rutgers Graduate School of Education’s (GSE) Certification Program in Foreign Language Education. Rutgers undergraduate students who intend to pursue a career in Chinese language teaching at K-12 schools might be interested in the K-12 Certification. Upon graduation, students in both programs receive an Ed.M. and full New Jersey State Certification to teach Chinese at the K-12 level.

Click here for additional information on the K-12 Teacher Certification Process in the state of New Jersey.