01:574:450 Korea in Translations: Modern Literature and Film 

Translation as a generative process. Korean literary fiction and poetry and their versions in English translations. Films as another mode of translation with its own language and grammar.

We will examine English translations of Korean literature ranging from short stories and novels to poems and songs, with special attention to the process of linguistic, cultural and aesthetic transformations of the original texts. In addition, we will explore the close exchanges between film and literature, with four films inspired by well-known Korean narratives, both traditional and modern. Students will be asked to turn in weekly translation analysis exercises; a final written translation project will follow an oral translation presentation.

Grading: 5 Short Translation Analysis Assignments: 20 %, Participation: 10 %, Class Presentation: 10%, Midterm: 20%, Quizzes: 10%, 1 Individual Presentation + Final project: 30%

Plagiarism: All written work should be composed in the student’s own words and the ideas of others should be properly cited. It is the responsibility of all students to know and adhere to the university’s policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions concerning this policy or about documentation of sources in work you produce in this course, feel free to ask me.

Assignments: All reading and written assignments are required and should be done before class. Late assignments will be deducted a full letter grade for each late day (i.e. A to a B, B to a C…).

Attendance: Regular class attendance is mandatory. More than 2 absences result in a failing grade for the course.

Gadgets: All communication devices must be turned off for the duration of the class, and laptops may be used only to take notes.

Disabilities: Students with disabilities who are seeking consideration for services or accommodations should immediately contact the Office of Disability Services at (732) 932-2848, 151 College Ave.

Final note: This syllabus may be modified throughout the semester, and it is the responsibility of each student to keep up to date of any and all announcements made in class.