01:574:402 Advanced Readings in Korean 

The course is designed to help students 1) achieve advanced levels of literacy skills and 2) understand Korean language, culture, history, and literature. Reading material includes essays and news articles related to cultural, historical, and social issues in Korea. In this course, students will learn advanced vocabularies and expressions that will improve their reading comprehension skills, writing skills and speaking skills. It is divided into three sections: contemporary literature, expository writings, and rhetorical writings. Close readings of texts will be emphasized. This course is continuation of 401.

Attend class on time. Please be punctual. Being tardy to class twice or leaving class early twice will count as an absence. The instructor will often make important announcements and hand out information about assignments and exams in the first or last five minutes of class. More than two absences will result in the loss of your attendance points unless you notify the instructor prior to the day of class or provide appropriate documentation.

Keep track of the class schedules and resources. It is a student’s responsibility to be aware of all the updates and guidelines. Not knowing is not excusable. Also, it is important that you come to class thoroughly prepared.

Check the Canvas website and your email account for class emails from the instructor every day. Keep track of all the announcements and reading resources as specified on the website or in emails.

Submit all your assignments on time. Every paper and assignment must be submitted to the instructor in class as scheduled. The instructor will not accept papers by email or fax, or to give the papers to someone in the department office or the instructor’s office. Each of these is due at the beginning of class on the days noted in the course schedule. Please note that short assignments will often be assigned in class not be found on the syllabus. You will only know of the homework if you were present in class. Absence from class or being unaware of the homework/assignment is not a valid excuse for failure to complete the task.

Grading: Attendance & Participation 10%, Reading and Writing Assignments 20%, Chapter Tests 40%, Final Paper 10%, Final Exam 20%

Attendance is crucial and will be strictly checked. Any unexcused absence will adversely affect your grade. If you miss classes more than twice without prior notice or documentation, you will have penalties in your attendance score, and if you miss more than four classes, you may fail the course. It is also notable that this course is designed to achieve an interactive learning experience. Students are expected to be active contributors to the discussions and activities at each class, and participation in discussion will account for 10% of the final grade combined with attendance.

Students must submit a writing homework for each reading text. Topics and due dates are announced in class. All writing homework should be submitted in class. Also, students are required to revise their essays and resubmit them within two weeks of original submission. Adequate grammar, vocab., and expressions level and organization skills for 400 level Korean are required. Students should also submit assignments given by instructor on time. Late submission will result in partial credits.

In-class quizzes will be given to students so that they can catch up with lectures and the readings. If you miss the class, you may get risk lowering your grade by missing the quizzes. Please make sure that some quizzes may be given without prior notice. No make-up is permitted.

All the students are required to submit a paper in Korean based on the chosen/given topic. The final paper will be no longer than 4 pages double spaced.

The exam questions will consist of a series of multiple choice, short answers, and essay questions covering all the lectures, readings, and other materials given in class up to that date. You may not have any technological device such as cell phone, ipad, etc. on or near your desk. Any headwear is subject to required removal, and all ball caps, etc. must be worn backwards during test taking.

Laptops, MP3 players and cellular phones must be turned off and put away during class. You may not leave the classroom during class without the instructor’s permission. You should have done homework assignments before class to participate fully in the classroom activities. Late homework will cause deduction in Homework score. There will be no make-up for a missed quiz or test. Missing a quiz or test is the equivalent of a zero (0). Contact the instructor if your absence is justifiable. You will be asked to visit the Sakai course site for class announcements and course materials. Do not use google translator (or anything alike) for your works. Instead, use dictionary when you need to look up a vocabulary.

The final grade will be posted on Canvas: If you want to discuss your final grade with the instructor, you can contact the instructor within 24 hours after the grade is posted on Canvas. Once your final grade is submitted to University, it will never be changed.