01:165:111 Chinese Calligraphy

This course is an introduction to the principles, techniques, and art of Chinese calligraphy. Emphasis will be placed on the techniques of using the Chinese writing brush, execution of individual strokes, and construction of Chinese characters. Practice is the major and the most significant part of the course. It is hoped that by the end of the session students will have developed their skills and understanding with the Chinese characters in the regular style. In addition, the students are expected to acquire an understanding and appreciation of the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy and its role in Chinese culture.

Attendance for every class and throughout the entire class period is mandatory. After one absence, every absence will bring your final grade down by half a letter grade. Three absences will automatically lead to a failing grade in the course. If you are habitually late to class and taking a long bathroom break, I will add the minutes you are late to each class meeting and your grade will be deducted accordingly

Attendance does not simply mean showing up. Only those who never miss any single class and always pay full attention to the instructions and their own practice will get full points (10 points) for attendance. No electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc.) are allowed during class meetings. If you are texting or studying for other courses, you will be marked as absent without notification. If you use any electronic devices in class—even just for one time, you forfeit the possibility of getting full credits (10 points) for the attendance part of your grade.

Late homework will NOT be accepted or graded. You have to submit your homework at the very beginning of the class meeting. Writing homework in class will result in a failing grade of the homework, as well as an absence for the day.

“Tracing” the handouts or the instructor’s writing, asking someone else to do the homework for you, or exchanging test papers during exams is considered a violation of academic integrity. You are required to emulate the writing, not “copy” the handout directly. Anyone who is found to commit such actions will get an F for their homework or exam, and the case will be reported to their dean. For further regulations regarding academic integrity, students are expected to review and follow the University’s Policy on Academic Integrity for Undergraduate and Graduate Students at http://nbacademicintegrity.rutgers.edu/home/academic-integrity-policy/

Calligraphy writing is a spiritual practice. Therefore, please remain quiet in the classroom. If you chat too much in the classroom, I will ask you to leave the classroom and you will be marked absent.

Be sure to address your classmates and your instructor in an acceptable, polite manner. For instance, you should address me as Instructor or Professor when you write me emails. Most importantly, this is a cultural course taught in English. All the instructions, exams, and communications will be conducted in English. Therefore, you need to use proper, formal English to communicate with the instructor in class and out of class regarding the academic matters. You are required to use your personal scarletmail account if you need to email me.

In every single class meeting, you are required to clean thoroughly your desk, the floor, your seating area, the classroom, the sink, and bathroom where you wash your writing materials. Failure to clean up will result in your participation grade—one point off from your final grade for every single time you fail to clean up.

You are not required to purchase the textbook. The readings will be readily available via Canvas. However, you are required to print out the materials when we do the midterm and final exam reviews.

Chinese writing brush (app. 1 1/4 inches tip), Chinese writing paper, Chinese ink and container (inkstand or soy sauce dish as a substitute), scroll paper.

PLEASE CHECK IMPORTANT: The Required Writing Materials (what and where to get them) under Module 1. You should get all the materials from Amazon. Alternatively, you can get them at Kam Man Food Market, located at 511 Old Post Road. (Do not get the brush from Kam Man though).

Bring newspapers, a water container, and napkins to class every time (to help the absorbency and keep your desk clean).