Sun-mi Lim joined the Department of ALC in 2017. She earned her Ph.D. in 2007, her M.A. in 2003, and her B.A. in 2000 in Chinese Language and Literature at Nankai Univ. (Tianjin, China). And in 2008, she completed the training courses for Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language Program at Sogang Univ. (Seoul, Korea). She has taught Korean and Chinese at various universities in Korea. Her specialization is the contrastive study of Chinese and Korean. She is interested in the relationship between language and spirituality. Representing her interest in the relationship between language and spirituality, her motto is “從心所欲 不踰矩 (종심소욕 불유구)” (Even if you follow what your mind wants to do, you don’t go out of the right path.)


  • Ph.D. Nankai University (Chinese Language and Philology)
  • M.A. Nankai University (Chinese Language and Philology)
  • B.A. Nankai University (Chinese Language and Literature)

Areas of Specialization

  • Contrastive Linguistics


  • Lim, Sun-mi. (2007) “The Study of Contrasting Honorific Expression in Modern Chinese and Korean.” The Journal of Korean Studies 41, 271-335.
  • Lim, Sun-mi. (2007) “A Study on Organizational Classification of Chinese Verb Complement, and the Comparison with Its Corresponding Formality in Korean.” The Journal of Performative Humanities 37, 211-248.

 Courses Taught

  • Elementary Korean 2 (01:574:102)
  • Intermediate Korean 1 (01:574:201)
  • Intermediate Korean 2 (01:574:202)