• Jaehyun Jo
  • Jaehyun Jo
  • Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Specialty: Korean
  • Phone: 848-932-6496
  • Office: Academic Building 5128

Jaehyun Jo  joined Rutgers in the fall of 2020. He got his BA in Korean Language and Literature & MA in Korean Linguistics and KFL Acquisition from Yonsei University; and PhD in East Asian Linguistics from UCLA. He is interested in examining everyday language use and its connections to culture, identity, and society from the perspective of functional/interactional linguistics. Dr. Jo plays the haegeum and is an enthusiastic food lover. He will be teaching Korean language courses, translation, socio-pragmatics, and language and cultural ramifications both in the Korean & East Asian contexts to support the growth of the lively new Korean major and the graduate program at Rutgers.     


  • Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles (East Asian Linguistics)
  • B.A. Yonsei University (Korean Language and Literature)
  • M.A. Yonsei University (Korean Linguistics and KFL Acquisition)


Areas of Specialization

  • Korean Linguistics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Socio-pragmatics


 Selected Articles and Book Chapters

  • Cho, Young-mee Yu. & Jo, Jaehyun. (Forthcoming) Linguistic Politeness in Korean Speech Level and Terms of Address, Chris Shei and Saihong Li (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Asian Linguistics
  • Jo, Jaehyun. (2018) Korean ‘Formality’ Endings ‘-supnita/-supnikka’ and ‘-eyo’ in the Negotiation of Interactional Identity in the News Interview, Journal of Pragmatics 136, 20-38.
  • Jo, Jaehyun. (2018) The Stance and Subjectivity in the Use of the Korean Post-Verbal Negation ‘-ci anh-’ in the Telephone Conversation, International Journal of Korean Language Education 4(2), 81-106. 
  • Jo, Jaehyun. (2018) Lexical Analysis on the Collocates of ‘pwulkyo (Buddhism)’ in Korea between 1930’ – 2003, Chakana, International Journal of Korean Studies 2, University of Costa Rica, 183-196.    
  • Jo, Jaehyun. (2011) The Influence of Previous Experience of Learning a Typologically Similar Second Language on the Acquisition of Korean as a Third Language, Language Facts and Perspectives 27, 277-300. 
  • Jo, Jaehyun & Kim, K. (2010) The ‘Han (regret)’ and ‘Excitement’ in Korean Traditional Music, reprinted in Kim, H. (2010). “Readings in Korean Culture for Foreigners”. Episteme, Seoul.  
  • Park, Jisoon. & Jo, Jaehyun. (2009) A Comparative Analysis of Summary of Korean Text by Korean and Foreign Students, Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics 25(2), 227-250.

Courses Taught or Developed

  • Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Korean
  • Structure of Korean
  • Languages and Cultures of Asia
  • Korean Translation: Introduction to Practical Translation & Translation Theories

Selected Awards and Distinctions

  • Mellon-EPIC(Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms) Fellowship, the Humanities Division, UCLA    2018
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Dept. of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA                                           2017
  • Departmental Research Fellowship, the Dept. of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA                                        2017
  • Summer Research Grant, the Graduate Division, UCLA                                                                                          2017

Professional Affiliations

  • Life-time member of American Association of Teachers of Korean
  • International Pragmatics Association
  • Applied Linguistics Association of Korea
  • The Korean Language and Culture Education Society

Organizational Work

  • The Haegeum Player for the Documentary Film Land of My Father, Hollywood, California       2019
  • An Organizer for the 26th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, UCLA                              2018