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International Workshop on Chinese Studies: Representation and Narration
Tuesday, 24 April 2018,  9:00am -  5:30pm

Location: Brower Commons A & B


The Department of Asian Languages & Cultures at Rutgers University will host a special workshop for visiting scholars from National Taiwan University on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Scholars working on premodern and modern periods, and in the various disciplines of literature, history and religion, will present their latest research on representation and narration and engage in discussions on methodologies and the state of the field in this one-day long event.

Participants: Cheng Yu-yu (National Taiwan University), Horng Shu-ling (National Taiwan University), Lee Long-shien (National Taiwan University), Mei Chia-ling (National Taiwan University), Richard V. Simmons (Rutgers University), Tsai Yu (National Taiwan University), Weijie Song (Rutgers University), Wendy Swartz (Rutgers University), Xiaojue Wang (Rutgers University)




9:00           Welcome Remarks and Breakfast


9:20           Cheng Yu-yu, Wendy Swartz and Weijie Song, A Conversation on Cheng’s Gesture and Language: A New Perspective on
                  Poetry and Revolution
 姿與言: 詩國革命新論(Maitian, 2017)


10:10          Lee Long-shien, “‘Sia-Ji 夏姬Narratives’ and Interstate Situations in Pre-Qin and Early Han Dynasties” 先秦漢初文獻中的


11:10          Tsai Yu, “The Revolution in Chinese Poetics from the Perspective of Sino-Sanskrit Interaction” 梵漢交流視域下的詩學革命


12:00          Lunch 


1:10            Horng Shu-ling, “In the Cafe : Metropolis, Daily Life and Imagination Described by Modern Taiwanese Poets”


2:10            Weijie Song, “Social Injustice, Displaced Victims, Crippled Chivalry, Impulsive Revenge: A Touch of Sin and Jia Zhangke’s
                    Literary-Cinematic Representation” 流民,殘俠,脫序,復仇:賈樟柯《天注定》及文學電影觀 


3:00            Coffee Break


3:30            Xiaojue Wang, The Politics of Forgetting: Asia and War Narratives 遺忘的政治:亞洲話語和戰爭敘述


4:30            Richard V. Simmons, “Reflections of the History of Mandarin in Literature and Drama—It’s More than Just the History of


5:20            Conclusion


This seminar is open to all faculty and students. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to RSVP before April 3, 2018. 


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