Introduction to American Law (Taught in Korean) (Course Number 43:600:101 Section # 01) 

Exclusion: not open to students currently enrolled in an ABA-accredited JD program
(3 credits)(Prof. Jootaek Lee) 
Class meetings: T/Th, Tuesday May 25ththrough Thursday, July 15th from 8am to 10:10am EST (10pm-12:10 am Korean Standard Time) 

This course provides a basic introduction to the concepts, principles, and practical operations of the United States' system of laws. Students who attend class regularly, read all the assignments, and participate in analyzing and debating hypothetical cases should begin to develop the ability to understand the mode of legal argumentation and persuasion familiar to the American judiciary and legislatures.  

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the basics of the American legal system if it is not familiar to you, or if you have previously studied law only in non-US jurisdictions.  Another purpose of this course is to introduce students to enough material for them to decide if they are interested in pursuing law school in the U.S. American JD programs have a reputation for a certain type of rigor, and this course will give students a taste of the kind of workload and class expectations that law school require.  This class is the only class of its kind to be taught in Korean by a U.S. law school professor.  Grading will depend upon a midterm, final exam, and class participation. 

This course is open to undergraduates, graduate students (except for students currently enrolled in ABA-accredited JD programs), practicing professionals, and members of the community.  

미국법의 기초 (한국어) (3학점) (이주택 교수) 

이 과목에서는 미국 헌법에서 보장하는 다양한 시민의 권리들과 자유의 개념과 원칙을 배우고 실제 상황에 적용을할 수 있는 능력을 키우게 될 것입니다.  종교의 자유, 언론과 집회의 자유, 총기 소유, 사생활 보호와 자치, 그리고 법의 공평한 보호를 포함합니다. 또한 연방정부와 주정부관의 권력 분배와 견제 균형에 대해서도 배울 것입니다. 수업에 잘 참여하고, 과제를 읽고, 가상의 케이스들을분석하고 토의하는데 참여하는 학생들은 시민의 자유와권리들에 관한 판결문을 이해하는 능력을 키울 것입니다.또한 시민의 자유와 권리를 포함하는 헌법적인 쟁점들을발견하고, 실제 상황에 헌법의 원칙들을 적용하며, 논쟁의 사실과 법적인 면을 구분하며, 가능한한 설득력있는주장을 펼칠 수 있을 것입니다.   

또한 이 수업을 통하여 미국 JD 프로그램에 관심이 있는학생들은 엄격한 미국 로스쿨에서 요구하는 공부량과 수업에서의 기대를 미리 경험할 수 있을 것입니다. 이 수업은 미국 법대교수에 의해 유일하게 한국어로 가르치는 수업입니다. 성적은 중간 기말고사와 수업 참여에 의해 결정될 될 것입니다.