Greetings SAS Students!


Note: All Spring 2021 courses in the department will be taught online

  • SR (synchronous remote) courses meet online during the class time specified in the Schedule of Classes.
  • AR (asynchronous remote) classes do not meet during a specific class time; students work at their own pace following a schedule established by the course instructor.
  • Students will be given time to learn how to use Sakai, Canvas, WebEx, Zoom, and other online learning tools for success in their classes.
  • Spring semester faculty office hours will be held online by arrangement only.

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Chair, Asian Languages and Cultures


Online Learning

Most undergraduate courses will be offered online via the internet in the Spring 2021 term.

The Schedule of Classes has been fully updated to indicate exactly how each class will be organized. Look up each of your courses in the Schedule of Classes to review the Course Format, the Section Comments, and the Course Notes.