Studies in Chinese and Sino-Tibetan Linguistics: Dialect, Phonology, Transcription and Text 漢語與漢藏語研究:方言、音韻與文獻

Language and Linguistics Monograph Series 53.

Taipei: Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, 2014.

Co-edited by Richard VanNess Simmons and Newell Ann Van Auken.

StudiesInChinese2014CoverSmallThis volume includes essays on Chinese historical linguistics, Chinese dialects, Tibetan and Tibeto-Burman linguistics, contact between Chinese and other neighboring languages, written Chinese, and textual issues. This collection was compiled as a tribute to W. South Coblin, and is intended to reflect the diversity of South’s scholarship and engage with his scholarly interests. The introductory section includes a biography and complete bibliography of South Coblin's works up through 2013.

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