01:165:361 Business Chinese

This course trains students to develop their communication skills both in oral and written forms in order to conduct business in a Chinese language environment. Students build advanced-level speaking, vocabulary, and communication skills needed for a Chinese business setting. The course follows the interactions of an American business delegation in China, providing a fun and informative framework for the students.

Course Materials: A Practical Business Chinese Reader Vol. 1 - 3rd Ed.(Revised Edition, Beijing University Press, 2003, ISBN-10: 7301294921, ISBN-13: 978-7301294925) by Daoxiong Guan

Classes meet two times a week and you are expected to be in class on time every day. Please inform the instructor of your absence in advance via Rutgers Online Absences Report System at https://sims.rutgers.edu/ssra/. (Please note: Reporting your absence does not "excuse" you). Absences can be excused only for religious reasons or by presentation of official documents explaining your absence (e.g., doctor’s notes). If you miss class for more than 30 minutes, your lateness will be counted as a half absence. More than 3 (including 3) unexcused absences will lead automatically to an “F”. Final grades will be lowered by 3% for each day of class missed.

You are expected to come to class well prepared. Proper preparation for each class will take you a minimum of one to two hours. Please arrange your schedule so that you have enough time to prepare for this class. Language learning is a cumulative process and requires continuous, steady effort.

Homework assignments will be announced in class. I will post the homework on Canvas site. Students need to download the homework and finish them, or write it on another piece of paper. After students finish the homework, they need to scan it or take a picture then upload on Canvas dropbox. I will grade the homework and upload the graded homework back on Canvas. The homework is due by the beginning of each class time. Please submit your homework on time to receive full credit. Late submissions will receive no credit, but I would still be happy to review your work.

There will be quizzes either on vocabulary, sentence patterns, or the lesson text. All quizzes are online at Canvas. The quizzes are only available for the first 15 mins of the class meeting time if there is a quiz. I will grade the quizzes and hand it back to students on Canvas.

All tests will be online via Canvas. I will post the test during the test day. I will grade the tests and hand it back to students on Canvas. All unit tests and exams are cumulative. Therefore, review frequently earlier material. Make-ups will be given for unit tests & exams only for officially excused absences or conflicts (official documents have to be provided). It is your responsibility to get in touch with the instructor and schedule a make-up.

I will post the final project on Canvas toward the end of the semester. Students need to finish it and scan or take a picture then upload to Canvas. No make up allow except for emergency.