Students working toward an advanced degree in another discipline may pursue a Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies, signifying special achievement in this field. To qualify for this certificate, a student must fulfill the following requirements: a minimum of two semester courses related to Asia in the student's primary field and two semester courses in cognate fields; reading proficiency in an Asian language; successful completion of a research project in the field of Asian studies; and either a master's thesis or an expanded seminar paper on a topic related to Asia. Those who fulfill the requirements are awarded a Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies upon the completion of their degree.

This program can be found here in the graduate catalog.

Graduate Admission

Students interested in pursuing graduate study in a discipline in conjunction with the graduate certificate in Asian Studies can obtain an application form from:

Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
18 Bishop Place 
P.O. Box 5053 
New Jersey 08903-5053 
Voice: (732) 932-7711 
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