Chinese Dialect Classification -- Theory and Practice 汉语方言分区的理论与实践 (a revison and translation of Chinese Dialect Classification -- A Comparative Approach to Harngjou, Old Jintarn, and Common Northern Wu).

Beijing: Zhonghua shuju 中华书局, 2011.

Richard VanNess Simmons, Translated by Gu Qian 顾黔. 


This volume is a revision and translation of Simmons' Chinese Dialect Classification -- A comparative approach to Harngjou, Old Jintarn, and Common Northern Wu. The book argues for the use of a comparative framework in dialect classification, using data drawn from extensive on-site fieldwork, gathered from living, colloquial dialects. The volume demonstrates how to develop a rigorous common phonological system with this kind of data that can be used to determine dialect relationships and outline the most workable and informative scheme of classification.