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01:098:241 East Asian Civilizations: Pre-modern Era

Description:This course surveys the history of East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea) from ancient times to the end of the nineteenth century. Not only do we look at how people in each culture created their distinctive identities, but we also focus on common practices and recurring themes that represent East Asia as a whole. While seeking to understand how pre-modern East Asians from all walks of life experienced the world around them, this course echoes the current antiracist movement in the United States by reflecting on ethnic conflicts in East Asian history. Adopting a comparative perspective, we will discuss the commonalities and differences between ethnic and racial injustice. We will see how ethnic injustice impacted East Asian people’s lives in the same way that racial injustice has been changing our lives in the States. Readings are all in English. No knowledge of East Asian languages and cultures is required.

Number of Credits: 3


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Fall 2020 Syllabus